Why Submit Your Business in Directory Listings

Dec 16, 2019

Web directory listing is said to be D-E-A-D?

Says who?

Those who don’t have a full understanding of the many benefits directory listing can bring to their business.

This article discusses how you can leverage your business by adding it to credible directory listing sites.

Why Submit Your Business in Directory Listings

The Value of Quality Links

In the world of Google and Search Engine Results, getting quality links is very hard to get. Thus, many would rather NOT submit their sites to directory listings.




Because if you submit your website to listings that are spammy, then rather than gaining from it; then you will only have your site penalized. Thus it is important to choose only credible directory listings.


The Role of Directory Listings

In the past, the more directory listings you submit to, the higher your ranking in Google will be. Nowadays, it is not the same anymore. Rather, directory listings are considered by Google as a source of trust and traffic.


What does this mean?


The more directories accepting your site means you have a legitimate business.


The Benefits of Submitting to Business Listing Sites

Now, let’s go into understanding why you should submit your business to directory listings:


It’s SEARCHED by potential customers

Yes! We do have Google as the BIG ENGINE when it comes to online search results. But putting your business together with similar trades and services allows you to be seen by potential customers. It doesn’t hurt in being seen where your competitors are also posted, right?


It ADDS credibility to your business

When people get to see your listing in directories and receive reviews, it shows how legitimate your business is in the industry. Thus, it is important to regularly check your listings and remove any bad comments or respond to queries potential customers may be asking about your business.


It CAN BE your client’s first encounter with you

It’s hard to tell how your first customer will find you. Thus, is the logic behind giving away fliers in supermarkets and departments store, even in doing radio and tv ads (which is just absolutely too, expensive.)


With many free listings popping-up. There is no harm in taking some time to fill these up.


However, choose wisely.


Read our next blog to know how you should choose the right directory listing for your business.

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