SEO for Tradies


It only works best for the following types of tradies:

  • Those favouring a long term marketing investment
  • Those looking for a sustainable web presence
  • Those creating stable online marketing approach


It is definitely NOT for those:

  • Who want immediate increase in sales
  • Who does not have time to wait for results
  • Who doesn’t have a long time plan for their trade




This is because SEO needs time before you can see its results; but once it brings in its fruits, then expect a stable harvest of leads and conversion for the years to come. Are you interested to learn more? Let’s discuss how SEO works and what makes our SEO for TRADIE program the most suitable package for you.


SEO Made Simple: Look at it as a Farm

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a term you’ll often hear from online marketers. But what really is SEO? What is it all about and why should you consider it part of your marketing efforts?

Consider SEO as a farm. Yes! Look at SEO as your farm and your website as your land. For your land to yield fruits, you need to follow a strategic planning that will ensure your plants will bear a bountiful harvest.


Preparing the Land: Your Website

SEO works pretty much the same way. Everything stands with land preparation. That’s why it is important to choose a website designer for tradies that will prepare your website for the SEO strategy implementation. Otherwise, you’ll end up having to weed it out of bugs such as:

  • Hackers
  • Page Speed
  • Broken Links

All of these should be fixed prior to the full implementation of your SEO strategy for it to work.


Adding the Fertiliser: Keyword seeding and Metadata Implementation

With the website ready, you can now safely say that it’s time to add it’s needed fertiliser – keywords. 

Yes! There is a good reason why we spend time discussing with you how your keyword selection will help attract more leads and conversions to your business. This is because it serves as your website’s fertiliser. Put it in the right amount and in the right places within your website and you’ll soon be reaping a bountiful conversion from your online visitors.


Promoting your Harvest: Social Media Marketing

After adding your keywords in the right places within your website, you can now spread the news across all social media platforms for it to start reaching more places. In this way, more people will know about  you and start reading the services you are ready to deliver. 

There’s more about social media marketing. That’s why we have reserved a special page just for that. Read it here.


Regular Maintenance: Monthly check-up and clean-ups

To ensure you keep on harvesting leads and getting conversion from your website, it is our duty to perform a regular routine check on your website. Consider it our form of weeding out all the unnecessary bugs, pests, and weeds that may be lurking inside your website. This is not to mention the regular updates that Google, Bing and Yahoo sends out to website developers called “algorithm changes” that have to be implemented.

We hope this helps clear some confusion you may have about SEO for Tradies. Should you have any additional concerns, we are more than happy to explain further. Schedule an appointment with us, today.

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