6 Marketing Strategies that Tradies Need to Know

6 Marketing Strategies that Tradies Need to Know

Getting people to know about your business is hard if you don’t know how to do it properly. That’s why some businesses are having a hard time growing themselves.

This article will show you the easy ways to ensure growth and development of your business. Read on.

Establish a partnership

This strategy often goes unnoticed by tradies in the marketing game. Sadly, many don’t realise how big partnerships can do for them. 

So how does this work?
Strategic partnership is an on-going relationship with other tradesmen in the industry. Thus, if you are a builder it is wise to establish partnerships with plumbers, painters, roofers and electricians.

Creating partnerships with other tradesmen can give you more work opportunities, especially if you have shown them the quality of your work, you’ll be their go-to tradie.

Mobile-friendly website

Investing in a mobile-friendly website provides easy access for potential clients to your products and services. Just think of how you would search a product. Most probably, you search on the internet through your mobile phone or desktops. Why? Because its the easiest way nowadays.

So most likely, your potential clients are also doing the same, and if your business doesn’t have a website, they won’t know about you. Don’t have a website yet or are you planning to redesign yours? Send us a messsage.

Google My Business (GMB) listing

GMB helps any business to increase their online presence in their local area.


Technically, GMB listings are shown above in the SERP. In this way, potential customers can easily see the available services related to their search on top of the page. So if you have GMB, you can expect your business info showing above the normal search result. This may include information like business name, address, email,  and contact number.

Use social media platforms

One of the most popular way of marketing your business these days is the use of social media platforms. The most used platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Through social media platforms, you can tell the world about your business with just one click.

Through these platforms, your business can reach new clients without costing you too much. Plus, social media platforms allow you to interact with your clients real-time. You can share your work in progress and finished products. Your clients can easily share your works and help you gain more customers.

Customer feedback and testimonials

Getting feedback and testimonials from your current and past clients are beneficial for your business growth. If they didn’t like something from your work, you can focus on improving that part, thus, you can avoid repeating it with your next client.

Asking for testimonials can become used as an assurance of your quality of work for your potential clients. This will give insight into how fast you work, how reliable you are, and how effective you did your job.

Offer multiple contact and payment methods

Make sure to provide your customers and potential clients an easy way to reach you. They may not have enough time to call you and you may not be able to answer immediately.  So, instead of just having a contact number, try providing an email address where they can send you enquiries at any time. Or use social media’s messaging platform.

Keep in mind that it’s important to add an automated message. This should state that you’ve received their message and that you will get back to them immediately.

Meanwhile, providing alternative payment methods aside from cold cash shows that you try to make things possible for them. Today’s technology is continuously advancing, even with payments can be done on mobile. Some people are preferring for online payments because it’s easier and faster.

See to it that you provide easy online payment methods such as Paypal and direct debit. This way, your potential clients will that dealing with you is quick and hassle-free.

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