Off-Page Optimisation: What Is Directory Submission and How to Do it

Off-Page Optimisation: What Is Directory Submission and How to Do it
Today, we’ll help you understand why directory submission is an important factor for your business success and how it can help optimise or rank your website online.

Let’s begin.

Off-Page Optimisation: What Is Directory Submission and How to Do it

What is Directory Submission?

Directory submission is the practice of submitting your website’s URL along with its details on a web directory, under a specific category. In layman’s term, it’s sending your website to another website. Doing this helps you enhance your website’s link building, thus, optimise your website. 

Once you’re going to submit your website’s information on a website directory listing, there’ll be specific categories. There, you can choose the category that fits your site. For example, your site is Construction related, therefore, you need to submit it under the construction category. If there’s no specific category for your site, you can choose the category that is closest to it.

Here are the 3 types of Directory Submissions:

  1. Free (regular) Web Listing: Yes, there’s a FREE directory submission site, however, we cannot guarantee you that your site will be approved immediately, and this takes time.
  2. Reciprocal Regular Web Listing: In this type of directory submission, your link will only be approved by the directory admin if, a reciprocal link is submitted to your site when your Directory Link is activated. THIS IS OFTEN BOGUS. So stay away from these types of directories.
  3. Paid (featured) Web Listing: This type is self-explanatory. You pay when you submit your link and it will be approved in a few moments or within 24 hours. Some sites have a yearly or lifetime offer. This type of directory submission can help you get backlinks.

How important is Directory Submission in SEO?

Directory submission is the basic aspect of doing search engine optimisation, therefore, it’s as important as the other strategies.

Using Directory submission helps your site attract enough traffic and high-quality no-follow backlinks. By building good quality authority backlinks, it helps increase your page’s rank. This is perfect for those who just started in adding blogs to their website.

By submitting your page’s URL to website directories, you can easily spread information about your site, thus, it enhances your rankings, which by the way helps your website become more known to people.

After the above things have been said, the question now is…

“How do you do it?”

How do you do Directory Submission in SEO?

For you to ensure that you are using Directory Submission effectively for your SEO, make sure that you find the perfect category that suits your niche. It’s like finding the perfect cheese for your burger.

Finding the category that is right for your type of business could mean, searching and researching different directories carefully.

Once you get to find the specific directory that has the right category for your website or blog, you just need to submit your page’s URL and details and ta-da! You are done!

If you’re struggling and need step-by-step guidance in optimising your website through Directory submission, send us a message. We’ll help you out.


Here are some additional reminders so you can avoid mistakes in Directory Submission:

  • Don’t use other categories that don’t fit your website just to have many listings.
  • Ensure that you input all details correctly
  • Make sure that you submit your website to the most suitable, if not, then the most close suitable sub-category only.
  • If you can, try avoiding a site which requires to add banners or linkbacks on your site. This may harm your SEO score. It’ll be safer for your website.
  • Make sure to take note, do not spam a directory.


Website, page, or blog directories makes you more noticeable online. Submitting to the directories is important if you want to get good backlinks. Just make sure that you don’t overdo it as it can become suspicious to Google. A few GOOD directories are enough to benefit your SEO.

Optimising your website doesn’t need to be a stress. Let us help you with this.

Check out M Business and Marketing Solutions for more information on how we can assist you, otherwise, call us at 0447 776 970.

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