Understanding Human-Edited Web Directories

Feb 20, 2020

Gone are the days of flipping pages and paying for yellow pages advertisements that are likely to be ignored. With the onset of the internet, people resort to website directories in targeting potential customers. But despite the online adage, humans are still the frontline of these website platforms. Quality is still of paramount importance more than ever.

Understanding Human-Edited Web Directories

Types of Web Directories

Techniques for directory listings are supervised by editors to ensure quality and relevant links. Here are the primary link submissions furnished by editors to the corresponding directory.

  1. Link-specific no-follow tag – Search engines will not attempt to follow such link and reduces low-value links
  2. Rel links – This is for content duplication and which links should be indexed
  3. Free Web Submission – No charge for site owners in submissions
  4. Reciprocal Link – Provides access to related sites but has to give back a link to the directory
  5. Featured Link – Guarantee results to keep your link on the top


Why are Online Directory Listings still a Popular Choice?

Businesses engage more in search engine optimizations as it narrows down links to the most important ones while broadening the relevant networks. Creating backlinks from reliable websites warrants website improvement ranking hence the web traffic. It then attracts more potential viewers to your website. This is a paved way by directory submission.


Why Choose Human Edited Directories?

Good human edited directories boost the usability of a website. It gives more intrinsic value to your website. It caters convenience and credibility by offering relevant information in fewer clicks to users. This positive user experience is always in favour of the business as it caters more engagements.

Thus, a human-edited directory if used wisely is a great marketing technique that foster website presence. A quality directory is an investment to keep your business always discoverable.

Register your Tradie Business in a human-edited directory via Tradie Directory Australia. Click here.

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