How to find the best painters in Toowoomba

How to find the best painters in Toowoomba

How long has it been since you settled in your house in Toowoomba? Has years quickly passed by without you making any changes with it?

Give it a new look to create a new vibe! Start with repainting your walls. A new wall paint can surely make a big impact on your household.

Find yourself the best painter in Toowoomba with this helpful guide. Read on. 

No. 1: Create a plan

Creating a plan can help you sort things properly. For example, list down the colour, type of paint, and even how many coatings that you want for a specific wall. This can ensure that you know what you want before hiring a painter.  This will make their job easier and your service quote cheaper.

No. 2: Check job history and client reviews

Before hiring a specific painter in Toowoomba, it’ll be better if you check their job history and the reviews from their past and current clients. Go to their website and check their review section to see the comments of their previous clients.

This can help you seek for their previous client and ask for their job history. Ask things such as how long they finished the job, how do they treat their clients, and what are the problems they’ve experienced with the painter.

Make sure that you also check if they are registered and have the license to perform the job. This way, you can avoid scammers and painters with bad records.

No. 3: Get some estimate

If you now have a list of your prospect painters, ask for detailed job estimation from each of them. Make sure that it includes material costs, labour costs, their scope of the job, and the number of coatings and paints. This will show you which painter will be more expensive or cheaper to work with.

No. 4: Request for a detailed contract and guarantee

You need to request for a detailed contract that includes the following:

  • Complete information of the painter (e.g address, contact number, license number)
  • The painter’s scope of work, liabilities, coverage
  • Their worker’s compensation insurance certificates

A detailed contract and guarantee is a must before starting any work. In case something goes wrong, this will serve as your protection. A confident and trustworthy painter should also be able to provide a guarantee against chalking, peeling or blistering, with little to no cost. If they can’t, that is suspicious on their part.