How to Lessen the Pressure of Corona Virus Among Tradies

How to Lessen the Pressure of Corona Virus Among Tradies

Due to the shortage of building supplies, tradies in the construction industry are feeling the challenges brought about by the coronavirus. And the builders and painters are not the only one feeling it; other tradies are also bracing themselves for the impact it will bring. But what are you to do to lessen the pressure brought about by these tough times?

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In the recent Vlog of Olivia, she mentioned that it’s best to stay calm and focused. In this way, you can concentrate on the facts and its implication to your business.

So how do you begin?

STEP 1: Start with finding a FACTUAL SOURCE of INFORMATION

Peace of mind! This one thing you wish to gain during these tough times. But with multitude of “news” circulating in Social Media, it can be difficult to spot the fake from the factual ones. Thus, the first step you need to do is to identify factual sources of information, such as official government pages and associations. 

STEP 2: Gather the FACTS

Now that you have gathered the facts; take a good look at your finances. Work on your books and use it as a guide for you to plan your next move.


Support is available for tradies. Just reach out and enquire. 

Are you leasing a place? Do you know that banks are authorising a six months hold on amortization. Your landlord may also extend this to you. Ask them. 


Rather than suspending your business, it is better to keep it running. You may lessen your staff or just work with you and your family handling it. But keep it open and don’t shut it down.

Equip yourselves with new tools, like FACEBOOK MARKETING so you can continue to reach out to your customers. Enroll in courses while you are on quarantine or ask the help of a professional to guide you with these. 


COVID-19 is an unexpected phenomenon the whole world is facing. Be vigilant, focused and calm. You are not alone in this battle. The government is doing its best to help small to medium scale businesses and we at M Business and Marketing Solutions are also offering solutions for your business worries. Reach out to us. We are here to help.