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Mining & Hydraulics

Mining & Hydraulics

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BJ Hydraulics is a traditional business providing quality experience, excellent work performance and exceptional customer service to the Darling Downs.

Hydraulic Sales provide sales and repairs at our workshop or onsite. We have a fully stocked mobile van delivering a 24 hr, 7 day a week mobile hose service Under the Hiflex banner. We service a wide variety of Industries including construction,…

If you’re looking for hoses or hose fittings around Australia, you will find a wide array of options at Hose Suppliers Australia. You will find products which can be used for various applications. We assure you that we only supply the highest…

Looking for Mining Repairs? Come to Drayton engineering offers hydraulic cylinder repairs, earthmoving, and mining repairs at affordable prices.

Mobile Hosefixers repairs hoses and hydraulics in Victoria at a reasonable cost. We offer 24/7 service, including hoses breakdown even during holidays. Contact us, today.

For any organisation small or large, hydraulic breakdowns do occur and the most important thing is how quickly can you get your hydraulic equipment and or its systems back into operation. Let us help you. Send us a message.

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