7 Important Things To Add To Your Business Listing

7 Important Things To Add To Your Business Listing
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So you are finally convinced that it is important to add your trade to business listings in Australia. Don’t be in a hurry! Ensure that you have the following information filled out.

1. Name

Be consistent with your name. An addition of articles “a, the, an, of” in your Business Name can drastically change your online ranking. 

What name should you use?

Be consistent with the business name you have published in Google My Business. Also, ensure that this is the same business name in the About Us section of your website. 

Thus, the key thing here is C-O-N-S-I-S-T-E-N-C-Y.

2. Address

To show that you have a legitimate business, ensure that you add your business address in these directory listings. Avoid using a P.O. Box because your potential clients would most likely want to know how far you are from their location.

Did you change address?

Ensure you edit your existing listings with the updated address. 

3. Hours

Every business has declared operating hours. This includes a business that is open 24/7.

Let your clients know when they can call your services. 

Are you closed for the holidays? Also include the holidays you are closed for them to know in advance. 

3. Phone Number

Do you have more than one phone number?

Give these numbers for your potential clients to call. However, do ensure someone is there to answer these calls; otherwise, you will find your business having several negative reviews online. 

1-300 vs local number? What should you use?

It is better to use a local number. This gives added trust and confidence to the services you are offering. 

4. Website

In the past, having a website seems irrelevant. But in this world of internet technology where everything is done with just a tap of your mobile phone, it is important to have a presentable website.

Yes! You simply don’t need to have a website. It has to be presentable and functional. Moreover, it can showcase your portfolio and completed works, which can add to your credibility. 

Need help in creating beautiful and functional website? Call 0447 776 970.

5. Photos

If you don’t have a website yet. Uploading photos of your face, your equipment, your past projects can compensate for it. 

Upgrade to our paid listing to start adding photos to your listing. 

6. Category

Put your business in the right category. If you can’t find the perfect category that will fit your business, then send an email to the directory listing if they can add your chosen category. Often than not, owners of these directory listing will appreciate it and grant your request.

Got any requests for your business listing in Tradie Australia? Contact us. 

7. Description

Never take this for granted. Rather, put your best efforts to put into these short paragraph everything about your business. This includes the services you deliver and your advantage over the other competitors listed in the directory.

Now that you know the information to post to your directory listing. You are now ready to start your business listing with Tradie Australia. Register your business, today. 

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